What percentage of interest will I get after I enroll in the program?

2 things will affect the tiers of the Interest Program:
-Funds amount in the client portal
-Trading volume for the last 30 days

Where can I see the interest amount for my account?

All the interest results can be found in the Interest Program section in the MyTraze client portal. The daily calculated amount for the interest for the cycle will be added on a daily basis.

What does “cycle” refer to in the Interest Program?

A “cycle” is the 30-day period (regardless of the calendar month) that Traze will use to calculate your interest rate payout.

How much interest can I earn?

You can earn up to 9% interest if you fall into Tier 5.

What tradable assets (products) count toward trading volume?

The Traze products that count toward trading volume are the following;

What tradable assets (products) do not count toward trading volume?

The Traze products that DO NOT count toward trading volume are the following;

Do I have to trade every cycle?

Yes, you will have a required number of lots you will have to trade depending on the tier you fall into. Depending on the cycle, this number can vary.

The only time a trading volume of zero is applicable is in the first cycle and applies to Tiers 1 and 2.

How many trades do I have to make every cycle?

The number of trades is not counted. You will only need to meet the required number of lots in terms of trading volume every cycle as it applies to each tier.

When should I withdraw money from my trading account?

Clients can withdraw funds at any time they like. However, it is best to withdraw funds from your account at the end or beginning of a cycle to not have your interest payout affected.

Who can apply for the Interest Program?

New and existing clients of Traze can apply for the Interest Program.

What do I need to do (or have) to qualify for the Interest Program?

To qualify for the Interest Program, you need to hold a trading account with Traze, your identity needs to be verified, and you need to have at least 1,000 USD deposited into your trading account.

When does the Interest Program start?

The Interest Program starts on March 1st, 2023.

When will the Interest Program end?

The Interest Program is an ongoing initiative that Traze does not plan to end.

How can I Participate in the Interest Program?

You do not need to do anything extra. As soon as you get eligible for any of the provided tiers, you will automatically enroll in the program.

You can check your status in your client portal under the Interest Program Section.

Who can participate in the Interest Program?

Anyone above the legal age and residing in Mexico, Chile, Colombia (Columbia), Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya can participate in the Interest Program.

What are the eligibility Criteria for being enrolled in the Interest Program?

Here are the eligibility criteria to get automatically enrolled in the Interest Program:
-You must reside in Mexico, Chile, Colombia (Columbia), Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya
-You must have your KYC process completed
-You must have a minimum of 1000 USD in your client portal

Do I need to be a Traze client to participate in the Interest Program?

Yes, you need to be a Traze client to participate in the Interest Program. If you are not a Traze client you can register here.

When will the interest be paid?

The interest will be paid at the end of each cycle into the client portal. Each cycle will be 30 days.

Is the paid interest withdrawable?

Yes, you can withdraw the paid interest amount whenever you want.

How will the funds be calculated for the Interest Program?

The moment you get eligible for the program for the first time, you will enter the program’s first cycle. We capture your client portal equity and assign you to the right tier based on that. After you enter the first cycle, only 2 things will affect the fund’s amount, which is used for interest calculations:
– Deposits
– Withdrawals

How does it affect the interest amount if I lose money in trading activity?

During each cycle, trading results (Profit or Loss) will not affect the funds that are used in the interest calculation.

Will I still get an interest payout if I lose all my funds from trading?

Yes, the interest will be calculated up to the point where you lose all your funds and be paid out at the end of that cycle.

How will the interest amount be calculated?

3 things will be taken into consideration for calculating the interest amount:
-Initial Equity (at the beginning of the cycle)
-Daily deposits
-Daily withdrawals

Funds = Initial Equity of the cycle + Daily deposits – Daily withdrawals

How often will the interest be calculated?

The interest will be calculated on a daily basis.

How will depositing funds to the client portal affect the Interest Program?

Deposits during the cycle will take into account for the daily calculation, and the interest will be paid for added amounts as well.

Adding money during the cycle can also help you upgrade to the higher tiers.

How will withdrawing money from the client portal affect the Interest Program?

There is no limitation to withdrawing money from the account, but withdrawing money during the cycle will cause the interest amount in the cycle up to that day to be removed.

The interest for the rest of the cycle after the withdrawal will be calculated and paid to the client. Additionally, withdrawing money might cause your tier to be downgraded.

How will trading volumes be calculated?

Trading volumes will be checked on a daily basis. You will get upgraded whenever you have met the trading volume requirement of the cycle.

Every day, your last 30 days’ trading volume will be checked and counted for the requirements of the tier.


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