CFD Expiration Date

Below are CFD expiry dates linked to specific assets. You must choose between closing any open position(s), letting them expire, or rolling them over. If rolled over, any existing pending order(s) (Stop Loss, Take Profit, Entry Stop, or Entry Limit) will be adjusted symmetrically (point-for-point) to reflect the price difference between expiring and new contracts.

Please be advised that when trading shares and spot stock indices using contracts for difference (CFDs), when an underlying listed company or a listed company (component) of an underlying stock index pays dividend to its shareholders, the value of the corresponding position held in the client’s trading account will be affected after the market close (trading platform / server time). Determined by whether the client’s position is long or short, the trading account will incur a net of tax dividend adjustment, which may be a payment or a charge. (Please note that stock indices futures CFDs do not participate in dividend adjustment. The composition of each Standard Lot referred to here may vary significantly from one trading product to another, please refer to contract specification for details.) 

The projected impact of any dividend issued by a component on a stock index is weighted and calculated, and such figures are published and updated on our website. 

Dividend payment received when holding a long position: 

Dividend Payment = Component Dividend (weighted, per stock index contract) × Position Size in Standard Lot × Contract Size per Standard Lot Currency Multiplier 

Dividend charge deducted when holding a short position: 

Dividend Charge = Component Dividend (weighted, per stock index contract) × Position Size in Standard Lot × Contract Size per Standard Lot Currency Multiplier 

Please find stock indices dividend figures below for this week: 

(Please note that the dividend payment for Spot Stock Indices provided below is based on public information obtained 10 days in advance, the actual dividend payments may change due to the market change. If there have any changes, we will update the dividend values in the announcement section. 

For example: The dividend value for SPX500: 1 (1.5), where 1 represents the previous dividend value, and 1.5 represents the adjusted dividend value according to the market. Investors are strongly advised to understand the adjustment for the dividend value, and it is not recommended to engage in short-term investments solely for the purpose of obtaining dividends before the dividend distribution. Any dividend payment should always based on the updated figures.)

Symbol30 Apr1 May2 May3 May6 MayDividend Payout Time
FRA4018.89404 17.424835.890325.4635821:55
US30    0.8212021:55
NAS100  0.134941.560570.6977221:55
ChinaA5018.85476    18:55
HK50     19:45
AUS200  0.53604  21:55
SPAIN35   17.89687 18:55
UK100  3.17191  21:55
EURO505.38094 2.039462.965924.2592321:55
JAPAN225     21:55
FRA40min18.89404 17.424835.890325.4635821:55
US30min    0.8212021:55
NAS100min  0.134941.560570.6977221:55
ChinaA50min18.85476    18:55
HK50min     19:45

For Share CFDs 

Dividend payment received when holding a long position: 

Dividend Payment = Individual Stock Dividend (per share) × Position Size in Standard Lot × Contract Size per Standard Lot 

Dividend charge deducted when holding a short position: 

Dividend Charge = Individual Stock Dividend (per share) × Position Size in Standard Lot × Contract Size per Standard Lot 

Please find expected stock dividend figures below for this week:

Symbol30 Apr1 May2 May3 May6 MayDividend Payout Time  (GMT +1)
C   0.53 21:00
LVS    0.221:00

(Please note that the above information is indicative only and may be subject to change Dividend payout of an individual stock normally takes place after the close of its last trading session prior to the announced ex-dividend date shown above.)

(Please also note that 2 trading days prior to earnings announcements we’ll amend our leverages across the specific companies’ share CFDs to a maximum of 1:5, reverting to a maximum of 1:10 after report publishing. Please ensure that you have sufficient margin required to maintain your open positions during the above-mentioned period.) 

The amendment of US Share CFDs’ applicable leverages is scheduled as follows (30th Apr – 6th May 2024): 

Symbol Earnings Announcement DateLeverage Amendment Time(GMT+1)Amended Leverage Resumed Leverage Time(GMT+1) Resumed Leverage   
AMZN30/04/202428/04/2024 21:001:501/05/2024 21:001:10
KO30/04/202428/04/2024 21:001:501/05/2024 21:001:10
AMD30/04/202428/04/2024 21:001:501/05/2024 21:001:10
MCD30/04/202428/04/2024 21:001:501/05/2024 21:001:10
SBUX30/04/202428/04/2024 21:001:501/05/2024 21:001:10
AMT30/04/202428/04/2024 21:001:501/05/2024 21:001:10
PYPL30/04/202428/04/2024 21:001:501/05/2024 21:001:10
PRU30/04/202428/04/2024 21:001:501/05/2024 21:001:10
MA01/05/202429/04/2024 21:001:502/05/2024 21:001:10
QCOM01/05/202429/04/2024 21:001:502/05/2024 21:001:10
PFE01/05/202429/04/2024 21:001:502/05/2024 21:001:10
AIG01/05/202429/04/2024 21:001:502/05/2024 21:001:10
EBAY01/05/202429/04/2024 21:001:502/05/2024 21:001:10
AAPL02/05/202430/04/2024 21:001:503/05/2024 21:001:10
COP02/05/202430/04/2024 21:001:503/05/2024 21:001:10
MRNA02/05/202430/04/2024 21:001:503/05/2024 21:001:10

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Risk Warning: Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You may be required to make further deposits in order to meet your margin requirements. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the risk. The historical financial performance of any underlying instrument is no guarantee or indicator of future performance. Trading financial derivatives may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved, and seek independent advice if necessary.